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Welcome to Dr NRK Orthodontics

For 30 years Dr. Krishnaswamy has provided quality orthodontic service not only for patients in Chennai, but also from other states and neighbouring countries. Besides being a successful practitioner Dr. Krishnaswamy has been an active academician for the past 30 years and has been one of the few Orthodontists from India who has been invited to deliver lectures at various international conferences. This has given him the opportunity to train and learn from the best centers and clinicians around the globe.


At Dr NRK Orthodontics we are committed to setting the standard for orthodontic care in our community. We promise to provide an unmatched quality of service and to deliver it with personalized attention and compassion. We will strive to earn your trust and devotion through honesty and unwavering integrity. We are dedicated to make each appointment a pleasurable experience by providing an environment that is both comfortable and fun. Our mission is to pursue excellence and to make a difference in the lives of every patient we see.
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What Our Patients Say

Excellent place for all age groups for orthodontic Treatment . They keep up timely schedule. Highly professional approach. My family members are very happy to have taken the treatment here. I strongly recommend my friends here for their orthodontic treatment.

Ms Anuradha Rangarajan

Dr. Krishnaswamy is an excellent orthodontist who is very patient especially with children. My experience with him has been amazing and I'm very happy with how great and confident my smile turned out. Thanks for the great experience and great teeth!

Ms Dhanya Srinivasan

Got my adult lingual braces treatment from here. The entire process was done so well. The beginning scans, to explaining various options along with cost and most efficient treatments were laid out for me by the doctor for me to choose. The doctor and his staff were so helpful to schedule appointments as I used to travel from Delhi to Chennai to get my monthly checks done. I would like to thank them for fixing my Smile. I would highly recommend DR NRK!

Ms Qwenlyn Dsouza

Dr. Krishnaswamy is easily the best doctor ever. I had a lower jaw problem which he helped fix and helped me gain a smile I'll be forever grateful for! Super comfortable experience and a super positive result. Thank you so much to the staff. Thanks a lot doctor:)

Ms Sindhuja Sunderrajan

I had a wonderful experience here with a lot of care and concern and personalised treatment for the kids. Especially very good for children.

Mrs Susan Thomas

During the first visit to Dr. Krishnaswamy’s clinic I remember that he had promised to give me a beautiful smile and now 5 years later I have a perfect smile that I ain’t insecure about anymore and trust me he’s best orthodontist u could find in Chennai.

Ms Hiba Fathima

I had an inward slanting teeth on my upper jaw. And since I was in my early thirties it took a lot of time to set right my teeth. “Thank you doctor for all the time and effort you have spent in making my teeth perfect. I am very grateful. “U have put a beautiful smile on my face”. Thank you so much!”

Ms Gayathri Devi

Dr NRK is an amazing orthodontist! He’s extremely patient and explains all courses of action to you in detail so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for you. Unlike other orthodontists who rush through the treatment in a year, he makes sure the treatment proceeds more slowly which makes it less likely for your teeth to go out of alignment a couple of years after your treatment is done.

Ms Malini Christina Raj

Excellent dentist! Dr. Krishnaswamy sir is a wonderful person and i am very thankful that i got to do my dental treatment with him! Thank you sir and his entire team for their warmth and understanding care at all times.

Ms Sheena Shajan

Been coming here for a couple of years for my braces, and had the most comfortable experience. Dr. NRK is extremely patient, very kind and one of the best dentists out there!

Ms Shwetha Raja

Dr.Krishnaswamy is the best, he fixed my smile :) Throughout my treatment, he always explained what he was about to do before skilfully performing the procedure! Beyond being an awesome orthodontist, he is also a great person, and takes the effort to find out how his patients are and regularly wish for birthdays!!

Mr Nathanael Koilpillai

Dr. NRK is the best doc ever - he's been my dentist for over half my life! 5th grade Taruna could've never imagined having such a perfectly aligned set of chompers but thanks to Doc, I still have great teeth 7 years after I got my braces taken off. 5 stars all the way!

Mr Taruna Sudhakar

One of the best orthodontist to get your treatment done. I had my braces done with him when I was a child, my younger sister had hers done and currently my daughter is getting her treatment done with Dr. N. R Krishnaswamy. He is good with children.!

Mrs Lara Fernandes

I came to Dr. NRK through recommendation from a relative who underwent treatment and also through dental college professor in my hometown. Both my children have undergone treatment and it is best in class. Dr. NRK is a through professional and tailors treatment for best outcome.

Ms Devi Abirami

After multiple consultations with various Orthodontists who suggested surgery to fix the protusion of lower jaw, I had given up. After consultation here, the doctor explained the various procedures which included non surgical procedure to fix my jaw allignment, he has fixed my jaw allignment now and am very happy with the treatment. Very professional approach, ease of fixing appointments and they follow up regularly to ensure smooth completion of the process. Thank you!!

Ms Asha Parthasarathi